Mo Body Testimonials

This body butter product is of superior quality compared to other shea butters I've tried. It is thick and melts completely on my skin. Very effective right after a warm shower, while the skin is still warm and moist. It has a soft texture and a pleasant smell. By far the best shea butter I've used. Just be careful not to apply too much. A little goes a loooooooong way! -Janel L. 

As someone who has very sensitive skin, I'm very picky on what I put on my body. After using this product for several months, I have to say that Mo Body Butter leaves my skin glowing and feeling radiant after use. It's become my new go to moisturizer. The best thing about this product is that it's ALL Natural! They really did their research on putting together an all purpose body cream. Definitely worth a try. Five star product!!! I highly recommend this.                    -Cliff, Brooklyn NY

About six months Mo Brown introduced me to her body butter and told me that it was all natural. I was actually looking for a skin cream since I have trouble with dry skin, especially after I wash my face. The other creams usually smell too fruity or I have an adverse reaction. But from the first time that I used it, I loved the way it felt. Within days I saw a difference in the way my skin looked and felt. There was a vibrancy to my skin that I hadn't seen in a long time. The scent is just fine too. It's the only product that I use on my skin, I don't need anything else. -Cedric, New York

Mo Body Butter is the lightest shea butter that I've ever used, it left my skin soft and supple, and most of all there was no greasy residue. -Jazmin, Long Island

This product is one of my absolute favorites, and is included in my everyday skincare regimen. I have no problem whatsoever using Mo's Body Butter from head to toe in the summer or winter. It leaves my skin with a little shine when I use it on my face but my skin absorbs this product just as well in the warmer months and even better in the winter months. I've also noticed that the lines around my eyes aren't as prominent and my entire body feels soft and smooth.                -K.Rob, Brooklyn, New York

Mo Body Butter is literally everything- I can use it for face, body, and my hair. I am glad that there are no harsh chemicals and keeps me moisturized all day. It helps maintain a balanced complexion and I recommend Mo Body Butter for everyone. -Chris, Brooklyn NY