About Mo Body


As an entertainer, my skin is always front and center. Whether on stage or on camera, I need for my skin to look picture perfect, but as someone who struggles with moderate to severe psoriasis, this can be a challenge. It's hard to feel confident and present my best self when I'm constantly worrying about having a flare up and people noticing the red, flaky patches of skin. After frequent visits to my dermatologist and constantly being let down by prescription products that left my skin irritated and dry or made no difference at all, I decided that enough is enough! I didn't want to feel hindered by my condition and I certainly didn't want to be dependent on harsh chemicals that ultimately left my skin dry scarred and damaged. So I took matters into my own hands and created a skin cream specifically formulated to combat dry skin and conditions associated with it, made with all natural ingredients like shea butter and essential oils that are proven to moisturize and heal all skin types. Not only has it alleviated my problems with psoriasis, it has also helped friends of mine with skin issues of their own, from everyday dry skin to skin problems from more severe conditions including Lupus. After seeing the results on my own skin and on others with a variety of skin types, I want to share it with the world! I'd like to introduce to you Mo Body Butter, created by yours truly.


For smooth silky skin moisturizing those problem areas keeping skin soft and supple. Lightly scented with creamy coconut oil for all areas of use including hair. For psoriasis, eczema, harsh weather, dry irritated skin, hair, hands, heels, elbows, face and body. Natural ingredients include rosemary plant, raw shea butter, palm oil, olive fruit oil, raw coconut oil. Best kept in cool room temperatures. Handmade with Love by Mo Brown Suga. [email protected].